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Biogas production from organic waste


















Nowadays, Mahidol University produces high volume of organic wastes from numerous activities. Two main sources of the waste are 1) garbage from the central canteen and 2) horse excretion from Faculty of veterinarian, which contains the quantity of 15 ton per month and 1.5 ton per month, respectively. These organic wastes can be utilized for producing biogas by fermenting in the anaerobic condition. The waste elimination by this method can generate several products majorly methane (CH4) and carbon dioxide (CO2). The biogas can be used for compensating the consumption of other fuels; for example, 1 m3 of biogas equals to 1) 0.46 kg of LPG, 2) 0.06 L of diesel, 3) 0.55 L of furnace oil, or 4) 1.20 kW/h (unit) of electricity.  



  • 1.) Minimize organic waste in Mahidol Univrsity
  • 2.) Recycling organic waste.



Biogas production set:

1.) Food digester.

2.) Food feeding tank
3.) Fermentation tank/Biofertilizer
4.) Gas storage tank
5.) Stov