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  Mahidol University - B.Braun Prize
Medicine and Public Health in Thailand have for a very long time been going through various stages of development without undue interruptions. With the rapid pace of advancement of knowledge and technology pertinent to Medicine and Public Health, the need to find ways to achieve better prevention and remedies of disease illnesses requires ever more endeavour and incessant hard-work as well as more support. A large number of doctors and public health workers in Thailand, have devoted themselves within the rigid framework or boundary of their professional ethics in order to achieve a common goal of better health of the Thai people through various venues; namely the services rendered to the poor patients of all locations regardless of distance or obstacles, the search for ways to alleviate the suffering from diseases and illness of their fellow countrymen, and the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of various diseases. These wide and varied tasks that contribute towards the better well-being of mankind will never be ending.
To achieve the ultimate goal of good health of the Thai people, supports from both government and non-government organizations are imperative in carrying out the required work. The MAHIDOL UNIVERSITY - B. BRAUN PRIZE is the result of a strong mutual wish of Mahidol University, a leading government institution of higher learning in Thailand which has been producing medical and public health personnel to serve the Thai people for a long time, and B. Braun (Thailand) Ltd., a leading private company which has been conducting successful business in Thailand for many decades. The cooperative effort of both parties has led to the founding of this prize to honour and encourage medical personnel in their tireless devotion to Medicine and Public Health of Thailand.
The Recipients of Mahidol University - B.Braun Prize for Medicine and Public Health of
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