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  Graduate Studies
Research is intimately linked to graduate studies, especially at the Ph.D. level, because graduate studies not only produces the researchers of the future, but also the publications of today. For this reason, Mahidol University has been offering postgraduate programs for many years, since 1948 for Master's programs and since the 1960's for Doctoral Programs. As of 2012, the university had some 8,918 students enrolled in 257 postgraduate degree programs, at doctoral level, higher postgraduate diploma level, master's level, and postgraduate diploma level. Of these, some 150 programs were international degree programs, taught in English, and of the students enrolled, some 602 students came from some 43 countries. Students of Mahidol University have consistently won Outstanding Thesis Awards from the NRCT, successfully competing with Thai students graduating from the best universities in the world. Our students also won various scholarships from international agencies, local funding agencies, as well as from the university itself.
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